Get the best prices out there, while browsing the web for products.

Price Expert finds the best prices in over 100.000 online stores and takes you to them.

Shop smart, save money and time. Price Expert can do that for you.

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What is Price Expert?

Access to the lowest prices
Based on our expertise of comparing prices in over 20 countries, we have developed Price Expert, a next-generation browser add-on that offers you accurate suggestions for best prices, offers and discount vouchers, while you're browsing the web for the products on your shopping list.

Pay less, save money
Our goal has always been to help you pay less and save money with your shopping. Price Expert shows you the same products with better prices in different stores, or similar products with great deals, and also discount vouchers, if available. This way you'll always know if there's a better price out there before hitting the Checkout button on a given store.

100% Secure
Unlike many browser add-ons, Price Expert is clean, safe and honest (not to mention also free). The technology that is at the heart of Price Expert allows us to stay out of the way when you're not shopping online and to only show you relevant suggestions, in a discreet manner.

Why choose Price Expert?

  • It's clean, safe and honest (not to mention also free), unlike other add-ons;
  • We only show you relevant & accurate shopping alternatives, in a discreet manner;
  • Your privacy is 100% protected, plus we don't collect nor share any personal data;
  • Price Expert lets you browse the web undisturbed and stays out of the way when you're not shopping online.

How does it work?

When you visit an online shop or a product-related web page, Price Expert becomes active, analyzes the content on this page without disturbing you and checks its permanently expanding database to see if that same product can be found on a different online shop, only for a better price.

If we do find a better deal for the product you're currently viewing, Price Expert will show up at the top of your browser, offering you a list of online stores where you can shop at a lower price. We'll also show you discount vouchers available in that store.

Can I uninstall Price Expert?

You absolutely can and in an easy manner, too. We're committed to stay out of your way and never show up in your browser if you ever decide that you are not satisfied with the money savings that Price Expert can help you achieve. You can find the uninstall steps in our Help article.

This addon is of great help whenever I shop online. I do have my favorite online stores where I usually shop, but it's good to be informed if there's another store that offers a better price for the products I'm looking to buy. Price Expert has helped me save quite a lot of money so far, plus the offers always come from trustworthy stores, from my experience so far.
Hans Schmidt
I was a little reluctant to install another browser add-on, but gave Price Expert a try. I can tell for sure that this add-on will not disturb you with unwanted stuff in any way and it will help you spend less when you shop online. You can discover big discounts without having to search online for a long time. Great add-on for every online shopper out there!
Kim Taylor